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Auto Insurance

The Insurance Shoppe strives to be the premier provider of auto insurance in Central Minnesota. Our professional and experienced agents have access to a wide range of the best insurance providers to find you the perfect coverage at the best rates. We’ll help you understand all the factors that go into your auto insurance; from where you live and how you drive, to your driving record and the safety features of your car. Whether you drive the latest and greatest or if you prefer something with a few miles on it, ask The Insurance Shoppe for a free quote today.

Teen Drivers

Welcoming a new driver to the family is an exciting event. It can also be stressful and full of worry. Don’t let insuring your young drivers add to the stress. Our vast selection of providers, many with special young driver discounts, gives us the leverage and options to find you the perfect coverage at an amazing value.

Off-Road and ATV

If you enjoy straying off the beaten path, we’ve got you covered. Learn about how The Insurance Shoppe can save you money on off-road and ATV insurance.

Recreational Vehicle

Your RV is your home away from home. Make sure your home on the road has the coverage you need. Whether it’s a motorhome, fifth wheel, pull behind, or a camper, The Insurance Shoppe has all the options for great insurance at a great price.


If you prefer the open water to the open road, we know how important your boat is. Don’t lose out on your precious time on the water by not having the right insurance. The Insurance Shoppe has the best options for fishing boats, speed boats, pontoons, sailboats, and any other watercraft you enjoy.

Classic and Collector Vehicles

The Insurance Shoppe understands your classic vehicle isn’t just a car. It’s your baby. We also understand there is only one just like yours. That’s why you deserve a one-of-a-kind insurance policy. Stop in and find out how affordable we can make classic vehicle insurance. Bring a picture, too. We won’t mind.

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