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Commercial Insurance

Your business is more than just a business. It’s you and your family’s livelihood. It’s your employees and their families’ livelihood. It’s your life work, your pride and joy, and a lot depends on its success. The Insurance Shoppe knows how important your business is. We also know you have enough on your plate without having to worry about your insurance. Our commercial insurance experts will help you provide your business the coverage it needs and let you worry about what really matters, the success of your business.

Every business is different and has unique insurance needs. We always will take the time to get to know you and your business. It’s how you’ll know you’re getting the coverage you need. Whether it’s commercial property or liability, commercial auto/fleet, business interruption, new commercial construction, employee liability, or disaster coverage, we’ll find the perfect insurance at the best rates for your business.


The Insurance Shoppe values the skilled work of the specialized craftsmen in our community. We’re also proud to provide our contractors outstanding coverage and customer service to make sure you can navigate the bumps in the road. Whether you’re a general contractor, electrician, plumber, builder, mason, or excavator, give The Insurance Shoppe a call today to see how we can protect your business.


Running a successful restaurant or bar is a challenge in itself. Worrying about your insurance is one thing you don’t need on your plate. The Insurance Shoppe has the experience to understand the unique challenges and risks your restaurant faces; hot objects and risk of fire, sharp objects, contaminated food, and the safety of your patrons and employees. Let us help you find the perfect coverage.



Churches and their clergies are the pillars of the faith community. The Insurance Shoppe understands how important churches are to their congregations. Let us provide your religious organization with the coverage you need, no matter what might happen.


Retail Businesses

As a retail owner, your customers rely on you and your business for the things they need every day. You also face a unique set of insurance needs other businesses don’t. Safeguard your store, your inventory, your customers, and your employees with a custom retail business coverage package from The Insurance Shoppe.

Service-Based Businesses

Your clients turn to you and depend on your professional service, help, and advice. Make sure you’re always there for them. Whether you’re a mechanic, marketer, accountant, physician, dentist, lawyer, veterinarian, or counselor, let The Insurance Shoppe help you find the perfect coverage to protect you from the unique challenges your service based business faces.

Golf Courses

Your golf course is more than just rolling fairways, tricky sand traps, frustrating water hazards, and perfectly manicured greens. It’s a unique business with a clubhouse, a pro shop, golf carts, maintenance buildings and equipment, and acre after acre with exposure to natural disasters. Whether you’re a public or municipal course or an exclusive club, we have the coverage you need.

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