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Home Insurance

The Insurance Shoppe has always been focused on helping the individuals in our communities with the insurance they need to protect the things most important to them. Our experience, knowledge, expertise, and resources give our clients a distinct advantage when looking for affordable and comprehensive lines of coverage to protect the things they love. Read about all the ways the Insurance Shoppe can provide the peace of mind and protection for your home and auto.


Your house is more than just a roof over your head. It’s your home. It’s where you raise your family, where your fondest memories are made, and where you keep all the things most important to you. It’s also your most valuable asset. Secure your home in the event of a fire, natural disaster, theft and more with a homeowner’s policy from The Insurance Shoppe.

First Time Homeowners

You’ve finally purchased your first house. Congratulations! Now, let the Insurance Shoppe help you understand the coverage you need to protect your big investment. We’ll walk you through the ins and outs of homeowner’s insurance and help design an affordable package to keep your new home protected.

New Home Construction

Now that you’ve made building the home of your dreams a reality, you’ll need the right coverage to protect your future home from anything that might come up during the construction process. From the initial groundbreaking until the last box is unpacked, make sure you have the coverage you need with an affordable new construction line of insurance from The Insurance Shoppe.

Renters Insurance

You’re not ready to own a home yet, but you’re ready to get out in the world on your own. If you’re renting an apartment, townhome, or house, a renters insurance policy is an important tool in protecting your belongings and the building in which you reside. Ask The Insurance Shoppe about the coverage you need to avoid any setbacks on your path to success.

Landlords and Property Management

If you manage rental properties, the proper insurance coverage to protect your property and tenants is essential. Take the stress out of protecting your buildings, assets, and tenants from the unexpected with a property management line of insurance from The Insurance Shoppe.

Homeowners Association Members

Homeowners associations can be a great asset to residents through maintaining community appearances, reducing general maintenance work, providing association amenities, and building tighter neighborhoods through community meetings and dialogue. Some associations may require unique insurance coverage, as well. Let The Insurance Shoppe do the leg work for you in making sure you have the proper coverage to meet your homeowner association requirements.

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