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Farm Insurance

Farm and Agribusiness

Agribusiness is the heartbeat of the Central Minnesota economy, but your farm is more than just a business. It's your home, your passion, and your family's livelihood. A lot is riding on its success. The Insurance Shoppe recognizes the importance of our local farming community and the unique set of challenges it faces. Whether you have a hobby farm, livestock, dairy, crop, or a combination, our professional team can design the perfect agriculture line of coverage to protect you from the unexpected.


Crop Insurance

If you plant acreage to create a direct source of revenue or to produce feed for your livestock, you understand the importance of a good yield. Unfortunately, your yield depends on many factors outside your control. Excessive moisture and flood, hail, wind, drought, disease, and pests; The Insurance Shoppe will develop the perfect yield and revenue protection to protect you and your plants for whatever Mother Nature has in store.


Raising animals to sell or production livestock can be just as challenging as producing high yield crops. The challenges facing the health of your animals include animal health and disease, natural disaster, theft and vandalism, support system failure, and so much more. If you have cattle, poultry, pigs, sheep or goats, horses, specialty livestock, or any combination of these, let The Insurance Shoppe design a custom livestock policy to insure the health and safety of your animals.

Farm Equipment

Each piece of equipment on your farm serves an important function and can be vital to the farm’s success. If you’ve had to purchase new or replace any of these pieces, you know they can be costly. Protect your farm’s equipment and your ability to maintain operations with a farm equipment line of coverage from the Insurance Shoppe.

Farm Property and Buildings

Your farm relies on more than just crops, livestock and equipment. Protection for barns, sheds, fences, storage containers and structures, feed, seed and the tools you use every day are just as important. Ask The Insurance Shoppe about protection for everything else your farm relies on.

Farm Homeowners

If your farm is also your home, The Insurance Shoppe can include homeowner’s policies along with the rest of the coverage you need. Protect your home, as well as your farm.

Farm Service Providers

The Insurance Shoppe knows the success of any Agribusiness relies on more than just the individual farms and farmers. That’s why we also provide coverage for those individuals and companies providing services to our local farms. If you specialize in veterinary medicine, breeding services, seed, fertilizer or pest control application, or agricultural related hauling and transportation, we can provide coverage to the agribusiness support industry, as well.

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