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Specialty Insurance

Not everything in your life that needs insurance falls into the general insurance categories. As our commitment to be your complete insurance provider, The Insurance Shoppe offers many options to insure the unique, high risk, and hard to insure things important to you.


As an owner operator, your truck is more than a vehicle. It’s your career and the livelihood of your family. The Insurance Shoppe understands the unique set of challenges facing owner-operators. Whatever you drive, whatever you haul, however many miles you cover, we can provide the perfect coverage to keep you on the road at a great price.

In-home Child Daycare

If you run a child day care business out of your home, you probably already know your homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t provide your business and the children you care for the insurance coverage it needs. Ask The Insurance Shoppe how we can provide you, your business, and the children and families you serve the complete coverage you need.

Home Health Care Providers

The home health care industry is one of the fastest growing in the United States. Individuals and companies providing the specialized in-home health services need specialized insurance coverage. Learn more about how The Insurance Shoppe can build the perfect policy for your unique needs.

High Risk Employment

Certain occupations and careers involve higher risk than others. The high-risk nature of these careers can pose significant insurance hurdles. If you operate or work in the roofing, pole climbing, tree trimming, or any other high-risk industry segments, talk to The Insurance Shoppe today and learn how affordable your insurance coverage can be.

What if I Can’t Find Insurance?

Sometimes, unique situations and circumstances make it hard to find the insurance coverage. If you can’t find an insurance provider to cover what you need, or even if you’ve been turned down for insurance before, we’re here to help. With over 30 providers to choose from, we can help where many others can’t. Get in touch today and let one of our insurance professionals the opportunity to help find a policy to fit your needs.

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